To the right,This adult female survived her winter hibernation and woke to suffer HORRIFIC injuries from a STRIMMER. Her upper mouth and nose had been strimmed off and she was found screaming in pain in a field. This photo was taken after she was humanely euthanized.
Please please please check area's for sleeping/hibernating hedgehogs before and during strimming. This is a tragedy that could have been avoided and she has paid the cost of someone's carelessness. A tragic waste of life. 18-04-15

Strimmer injured adult female  18-04-15

And yet another STRIMMER injury. Pictured Below, This poor male has suffered a horrific injury to his head and looks like has lost an eye. He was admitted today 11-07-15 with a head full of large maggots. The live maggots that can be seen are just a few. There were many many more under the rotting flesh.

Strimmer injured pregnant female with maggots

Pictured below, Same hog 2 weeks later

2Weeks later

Pictured below, Same hog 4 weeks later with both eyes intact. One eye originally hidden due to severity of injury. The dead skin is falling off and he can now start the healing process.

4 Weeks later

Many weeks later 03-11-15 and is healing well.

Strimmer adult 03-11-15

Thanks to Heide, Hannah and Jan for their very kind donations to buy the new Nebulizer to aid treatments of very poorly hedgehogs.

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